• The garden at the moment is pale pink, purple and lemon, as well as the various shades of green. Since the last blog the Bay Tree has recovered and I have tidied out the small shed. What a shock when I found Maudie, who now resides in the studio.

    Open Studio on the last Saturday of the month goes well, and the free places (giving back to friends) is working well. It has also been great fun and very productive.

    Will write soon.



  • Spring

    In early March my tree's were cut - then came winds, hail, snow and warm sunshine and that was all in one day. Fast forward to late March and some of the tree's have been nested in already.

    Amongst the tree's cut was my Bay tree. I have taken cutting's which have been successful and I have used this as inspiration to give thanks for the winter flavour, the shelter etc. in as piece of work.

    The clocks have sprung forward and I am looking forward to the extra hours evening daylight.



  • Great morning working alonside the (Journalists) group. Our prompt was a 'gratitude tree' and the work was just flowing effortlessly.



  • Over the winter monthsI feel I have been going through the motion of everyday life,and doing it from behind my winter armour. Wrapped up and worn out and sometimes emotionally drained. But today I peeped out from under douvet to be greeted by my dog Daisy who was really playful. The sun was shinning as it has been for a couple of days. I feel I have that extra boost, my hibernation, my cosy on down, my winter blues are coming to an end.

    The walk this morning was full of birdsong and canoodling doves, Daisy always stops at a house that has a wall of Ivy as the chatter of the birds is so loud.

    It's time to go out in the sunshine and just breathe and the air won't sting your nostrills.



  • Summer at Home

    The summer has been great and very busy. I have had a friends embelisher to use. I have enjoyed the process and using a stash of materials i had. I also finished some hand-dyed pieces I had. But it is still the hand embroidery I like and I believe it comes from my art practice, that each mark made is individual and apart of a bigger design process.

    Daisy and I have also been busy gathering the Lavender, which she seems to enjoy (she also loves Rose

    Geranium) and most of the herbs in the garden. This should be a busy few weeks creating Lavender bags and stitching them.

    I will post some of my summertime drawings at a later date, but here are a few embelishment pictures.

    Daisy also loves Santa in the summertime x





Photo crop (passport)

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